Who We Are


My name is Paola Cruz. I run Paola’s Beauty Boutique. It is an all women owned and operated business, RUN BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN, at a safe and quiet location in north Tampa . I am a qualified, insured and highly trained Waxologist. My staff and I, are dedicated to providing clean, comfortable and efficient services at affordable prices. At Paola’s Beauty Boutique, I will attend to all your waxing needs, from head to toe and everything (and I mean everything) in-between.
“Brazilian waxing is my #1 treatment – why I hear you say – well it’s my speciality. I will make your waxing experience as comfortable as possible.”
Yeah, right I hear you say – don’t believe me ? Then check out my client testimonials and see for yourself! Facebook & Yelp
My relaxed style and calming demeanor will rid you of any nerves that you may have in no time. Not only that, if we can make Brazilian waxing, an experience that you can enjoy then can you imagine what we can do for you when it comes to the rest of our services like eyelash extensions, eye brow extensions and facials – just name it. My mission is to offer beauty essentials for everyone!! We are set out to change the way women think about Brazilian waxing, eyebrow art, eyelash extensions and facials by offering quality customer service and care at a beautiful, clean, well appointed location and by providing you the exact same treatment that you would get at popular high end spas but at a price you can afford!!