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Paola’s Beauty Boutique presents her Brow Menu with a wide collection of celebrity brow styles to offer you effective and contemporary shapes. Each Brow Studio is equipped with a Brow Menu, please ask in store for details. 
Please note that it is always best to get the professional opinion of your therapist on whether the style you have chosen is the best option for your face and brow shape.

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Thick Brows 

Thick Brows is a full and distinctive brow that oozes confidence. Full and thick throughout, brows hug the brow bone, especially complementing square and oval face shapes.

Tip: Use the Eyebrow Shapers Kit to neaten and define brows. It is essential that you keep thick brows groomed and tidy.
For best results always keep makeup pencils sharpened.

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 Soft Arches 

An elegant arch lifts and defines instantly, giving you a noticeably groomed look, while enhancing a youthful, wide-awake appearance. Suitable for all face shapes, this brow shape most compliments a fresh, youthful look.

Tip: When tidying brows at home, you should tweeze only below the arch and never above. Tweezing one hair at a time cannot provide a well-formed and consistent arch. It is always best to have your arch maintained by a threading professional.


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Bold/Straight Brows 

Definitive and bold, the straight brow portrays a more natural look. Noticeably full, this brow shape will help you make a statement. Especially suited to square and heart face shapes.

Tip: Keep your bold brows in shape with a Brow Brush and Brow Tamer. Before the arch brushes the hairs upwards, after the arch brush hairs downwards. A few sweeps of the Brow Tamer can set the brows for a manicured look.

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Curved Brows 

A smooth line with a soft curve, this brow shape is pretty flattering. The delicate nature of the brow especially compliments round and oval face shapes.

Tip: Curved brows tend to need some help when accentuating the arch. Use the Arch Enhancer on the brow bone to highlight the arch. The light reflecting pigments give you a bright eyed look.

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Slim Brows 

A slim high arched brow acts as a natural face-lift, creating a polished youthful appearance. Idea for those with naturally thin brows that are often tricky to style, this brow shape adds instant definition and flare.

Tip: Use the Brow Perfector to darken brows, always goes a couple of shades darker than your hair color. This is essential for thicker looking brows and providing definition to your eyes and face.


Tips and Advice


Brow Aftercare

  • – Always get your eyebrows professionally done, even if this is only once a year. This will give you an idea of what they should look like; with regular maintenance they will remain perfectly shaped.
  • – Once you have the brows you love, tend to them on a daily basis; it is a lot easier to tweeze one or 2 stray hairs every day than too many at the end of the week
  • – No two eyebrows are ever identical; so don’t even attempt to get them the same, as you will end up plucking to nothing. They say eyebrows are sisters not twins.
  • – When shaping your eyebrows always pluck after a hot shower, in natural daylight and never a week before and during your period when the pain threshold is not at it’s strongest.
  • – When tweezing, always sit in front of a large mirror with a magnified mirror in your hand. This will give you an over all realistic view, and the hand mirror helps with detail move from mirror to mirror.
  • – Always tweeze both eyebrows together taking a few hairs of each at a time; it is a lot easier as one brow shape after the other is very difficult.
  • – When shaping your eyebrows there are a few rules to follow; eyebrows should start before the eye (nose side) and not after. Try to keep the shape even – there is nothing worse than a tadpole sitting on top of your eyes!
  • – Good quality tools are essential to achieve a professional finish.
  • – Always use an aftercare product to help reduce redness and to calm the newly tweezed area down. The Aftercare Gel is the perfect product for a post tweezes pampering.

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When applying makeup to your brows less is always more, you should never be able to see where the makeup starts and the hairs stop. When holding a brow pencil always hold further down – like you would when sketching and build up the color. If you decide to have your brows professionally shaped and don’t know where to go, always ask someone who’s eyebrows you like and also check that your therapists eyebrows look as good this is always a good indication.