Brazilian Waxing


About the Waxing Process 

– The wax is heated and applied with new spatulas every time for hygiene.

– The area to be waxed is the only part that is visible

– The wax is applied in small sections 

– The wax dries within seconds and is then peeled away from one end 

– The wax is peeled in one quick pull to remove the hair and the follicle root 

– Any remaining small hairs are removed with tweezers. 

– Tea Tree lotion and moisturizer is applied to treat and smooth the skin. 

– The skin will be red for few hours, depending your skin condition; this varies between half to 4 hours. 

– Avoid hot shower, sauna, bath, and exercise for at least 24 hours to 
prevent excess sweating. 

– Apply few drops of tea tree with water for few days after wax. Also use Aloe Vera Gel to calm the skin. 

– Wear cotton clothing to allow your skin to breathe. 

– Start to exfoliate in two weeks time, using gloves or a mitt, when the hair starts growing and three days before next waxing. DO NOT EXFOLIATE IN THE SHOWER! Exfoliate after shower when your body is dry and clean.

Brazilian Waxing Initial 30 minutes

Brazilian waxing

Enjoy the benefits of a Brazilian waxing. Removal of the hair, both in the pubic and anal region (if desired), leaves a neat strip along the front pubic bone. Initial removal of the hair with hot wax then followed by tweezing of any stray hairs. There are 2 types of products either sugaring or skin wax for this procedure.
On your initial appointment you will be asked questions about your previous method of hair removal, your hair growth rate, your preferences and skin type. This will allow our therapists to make a judgment as to which product best suits your skin and hair type.
Important: If you are pregnant, do not wax after 12 weeks.

You will have to have a repeat appointment every 3-5 weeks depending on hair growth.

Brazilian Maintenance 3 to 5 weeks – 30 minutes 

6 weeks plus – 30 minutes

Once you have had your first Brazilian wax you will need
maintenance every 3-5 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle.
You can also have a treatment to help reduce ingrown hairs and help yourself with a regime of exfoliation and moisturizing in between.

  • Smoother and hair free for longer
  • Great for swimwear as no regrowth half way through your holiday
  • Hygienic
  • Great for eradication of hair friction during sex
  • Looks great

Paola’s Beauty Boutique specializes in the BEST and LEAST PAINFUL techniques of Brazilian and Body waxing for WOMEN.